Trademark registration
Takes about 10-12 months, price starts at $300 USD
Utility models patenting
Takes about 4 months, price starts at $500 USD
Industrial design patenting
Takes about 10-12 months, price starts at $300 USD
Patent registration
Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Entering National Phase Takes about 10-12 months, price starts at $900 USD
License agreement
Takes about 2 months, price starts at $500 USD
Eurasion application
Takes about 2 months, price starts at $500 USD

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20+ years of experience
500+ satisfied clents worldwide
50+ kinds of services offered
1000+ trademarks registered
200+ patents obtained
  • Basic services
  • Trademarks
    • Trademark registration in Russia
    • National phase in other countries
    • Prolongation of validity period of a trademark
    • Annihilation of a trademark
    • Cancellation of trademark
    • Contestation of a trademark
    • Amendments to a trademark
    • Protection against infringements
    • Filing an application to the Customs Intellectual Property Registry
  • Patents
    • Obtaining a patent or protection of the existing patent on invention, utility model, industrial design
    • National phase (transfer to the national phase in Russia, Eurasian Patent Organization, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the CIS)
    • Annual patent maintenance
    • International patent application (national patent office or PCT)
    • Patent search
    • Expert opinion on patent infringement
    • Introduction of changes concerning information about patent owner
  • Copyright
    • Acknowledgement of copyright
    • Copyright holder establishment
    • Assignment of copyright
    • Copyright and associated rights protection
    • Representation of the copyright collective management organization
  • Software and database
    • Software registration
    • Transfer of the software usage right
    • Software and Database copyright protection
  • Right protection
    • Trademark rights and their usage
    • Unfair competition and inaccurate advertising
    • Anti-counterfeit measures
    • Dispute settlement
    • Russian Federal Agency for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks, Federal Antimonopoly Service, Federal Customs Service
    • Trade secret and know-how
  • Intellectual property
    • License
    • Franchise
    • Cession
    • Pledge
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“We strive for those who treasure intellectual property”
Protasov Sergey Borisovich
International Department
Lisovsky Alexander Vladimirovich
Representative in Togliatti
Pestova Svetlana Gennadievna
Representative in Novosibirsk

Founded in 1998, our firm has over 50 lawyers

Our firm has well-established business relations with Russian and Eurasian Patent Offices, with WIPO, patent attorneys of the USA, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe, the Baltic States, CIS, China, the Republic of Korea, Vietnam and many other countries.

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